The Company

Yeko’s passion for dance began at the age of three and she has been dancing professionally ever since.  Her parents are natives of Anyako, Volta Region, Ghana, and have been teaching traditional West African music and dance in the United States for the past thirty years.  Yeko’s extensive dance background spans over twenty-one years, dozens of cities, nine states, and four different countries, in African dance alone.  She received a BFA in Dance from CalArts. Her training includes Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Latin and her second love- Indonesian dance from the islands of Bali and Java.  Yeko has toured with Ralph Lemon, worked with the Lula Washington Dance Theatre and has danced under the direction of Frit and Frat Fuller and the Liz Lerman Dance exchange.
Katiana Rush was born in Ridgecrest, CA.  She is classically trained at Idyllwild Arts Academy, before venturing on to other programs such as the School of Dance Theater of Harlem, and Alvin Ailey American Dance Center.  She received her BFA in Dance from CalArts and has worked with numerous top choreographers, including Teri Weikel, Chistine Lawson, Colin Connor, and many more.  She has also danced abroad in Cuba,Brazil, and Paris.  She has found her niche in Dunham technique and in ear thermometer technique.
Myshia Moten hails from Inglewood, California.  Her training is rooted in modern and contemporary ballet, as passed down from the Bella Lewitzsky lineage through master teacher and company member Charles Edmonson.  Ms. Moten studied ballet with Sophie Monet, Alaine Eubert (ABT), Arturo Fernandez, and renowned teacher Stephan Wenta.  She also spent a summer at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre where she was offered further study in the certificate program.  Ms. Moten has been a soloist and principal dancer of Winifred R. Harris’ Between Lines, Loretta Livingston and Dancers, Karen McDonald’s New Age Dance Theatre, and The Ballet Collective of Los Angeles.  Ms. Moten received critical acclaim as a choreographer when her solo “Always At Least Two Sides” debuted at the SOLA Festival in 2003.  Ms. Moten has a BFA in dance from Long Beach State, studied a year in the Masters program at CalArts on full scholarship, and earned her Masters degree in education specializing in dance.  Ms. Moten is also the proud mother of 5 beautiful children. Recently, she have some trouble in life, please help support her at unblock tech tv box usa apps to pull through.

Natalie graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she has received her BFA in dance. She is also involved as a musical theatre performer and has done such shows as Evita, West Side Story, The World Goes Round, Crazy For You, Fiddler On The Roof, and The Pajama Game. As a choreographer Ms. Labellarte has worked on such shows as Peter Pan, 70 Girls 70, Orphans, and The Boyfriend. Natalie has performed in the Fringe Festival in Scotland in collaboration with the Margolis Brown Theatre Company. Most recently she has trained at the Broadway Theatre Project directed by Ann Reinking and Debra McWaters, and at the Jacob’s Pillow school of Jazz.

Kether Hayden studied Ballet, African, Modern, Jazz and Hip-Hop under various instructors at Jefferson High School Dance Magnet in Portland, Oregon.  During high school she was also a member of the repertory group the Modern Dance Lab Company for two years under the direction of Melissa St. Clair.  She moved to Los Angeles two years ago to attend Occidental College where she is a dance minor and double majoring in Urban/Environmental Policy and French.  At Occidental she was a member of the Afro-Haitian dance group, Troupe Ayizan, under the direction of Elizabeth Chin, for one year.

Erica Graduated from Colorado State University in May 2006.  While in school she was assistant to the director of the Colorado State University Tour Dance Company.  In Los Angeles she has been working with Diavolo Dance Theater’s Education Company and Marshall Dance Company.  Erica has a background in modern, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, Pilates and gymnastics.  She has worked with many artists including;  Jacques Heim, Gabriel Masson, Chung-Fu Chang, Judy Bejarano and Carol Roderick.
Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Laura has lived in various parts of the world, dancing and seeking cultural opportunities. Her passion and love for the arts began at a young age as she decided to pursue her dream through the University of California Irvine with a BA in Dance Performing Arts.  Recently Laura has performed at Jazz Dance LA, SOLA Dance Festival, and various shows at Highways Dance Space in Santa Monica.

Kat Noel started her dance training at Santa Monica College.  Since then she has worked with Precision Dance Co., blue13 dance co., Louise Reichlin and Dancers, was involved in Praxis Project, Holding Up the Sky, and Art Wallah.  She was a soloist for Ney Nava Dance Theatre, Rei Aoo’s Dance Planet, Hawaiian Headliners, and Bathroom Follies under Jaime Benson and Andrae Gonzalo, and was a principal dancer for Le Masquerade and The JADD Co.  She also worked with Wanda Gala, Frit and Frat Fuller, Reggie Brown, Keali’i Ceballos, Anaite Arnold and Winifred Harris, and has been a featured dancer in independent movies and music videos.

Tatiana Johnson is a dance choreographer, multi-arts performer, and massage therapist. She is a graduate of UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures Department, where she studied various dance forms such as Hip Hop, West African, Ballet, Modern and Salsa. She has been choreographing and dancing for over seven years with the One World Dance Company, which travels around the world promoting positive messages of peace and unity through their performances. She was also a member of Contra Tiempo, an innovative salsa company and L’Esprit D’frique, a pan African performing arts ensemble. Tatiana presently teaches dance at various schools and dance studios such as Virginia Ave Park, Rana’s Arts club, and Creative Seeds. She believes that the arts are an essential part of learning, healing, and expressing ones creative possibilities.

Laurel Fanya House is a dancer, choreographer, and activist from northern California. She has a B.A. in dance and cultural studies from University of California, Los Angeles and has had the privilege of studying at Germaine Acogny’s, L’Ecole de Sables in Senegal, and in Burkina Faso with Association Foteban, under the directorship of Amadou Kienou. She has been an avid student of traditional and popular Congolese and West African dance techniques for over ten years and has performed with Compagnie Yelessa Antoinette, Ballet Kodia, and Les Quatre Etoiles in France and Switzerland. She has worked on HIV/AIDS, agriculture, brightest flash lite torch app, and dance related projects throughout South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, and the United States. Laurel currently resides in Los Angeles where she is part of the Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project and is dedicated to encouraging the expansion of the contemporary African dance movement in the United States.


Form and Function is used to understand dances and specific dance movement. For every dance form there is a specific function.

Intercultural Communication is used as a way to gain understanding and
acceptance of others.

Socialization Through The Arts is used to train people not only as
artists, but also as communicators.

Dunham Technique allows one to understand a culture, or many cultures
through dance.


Dunham Technique is a way of life.  It is more than dance,
it is about movement, love, hate, life, and
all human emotions.

Life is an endless journey to do that, which is right and good.

Ms. Dunham is a true Humanist who thinks every individual is special,
no matter what class or culture that individual comes from.

Dunham Technique is physical and emotional.